Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Staring Blankly...

     I view some of the stats on the sites that I offer my free fiction, my blogs, and other various sights, which I won't plug because if you want to read my fiction, you will find it, it's everywhere. Yes, most of them get page hits and downloads, but they are inconsistent, and then I see nothing, the screen is blank, the cursor is flashing and I'm back to the reality of writing fiction. Most would say, "Wait a minute, Tim, is there something wrong with the computer you're using to write? Or are you just crazy and another personality has kicked in?" I have no answer, other than the unwritten page is what I'm getting at, or the half written short story and novel staring at me. Writing has never turned into a great success for me, in fact due to the lackluster far and few between reviews, I'm shocked that I never gave up. I'm apprehensive of the stats because there is that lull between hits. I refuse to give into the marketing on social media, because it's not my job. My job is, after all, to write, to offer it up, and to trudge through the mud-hole of self notoriety. When that golden ray of sunshine called publication on a professional level, happens, I'll be extremely appreciative because I'll understand that all the practicing I do here, there and everywhere, has finally paid off. I support other authors, write reviews when I can squeeze it into my day, and want a little reciprocation at times, which never seems to come. Is the time now where I unplug the internet, pack up my laptop and head north to the old cottage called Dark Nest and live like a hermit? I don't think so, it would be premature, so on that note, I hope all is well in the world of the blueness we call the internet, and with all of you. I need to get back to that free piece titled 35, get back to being a husband, father and full time employed slave to corporate America, so I can once again offer up the next exciting chapter of warped proportion.

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