Monday, February 02, 2015

SNOWPOCALYPSE, Tim Eagle, back at it...

     Well, another SNOWPOCALYPSE, imagine that, Michigan, February, Ground Hog's Day, and all this snow. I'm excited, if not for the mere reason that the snow hindered my snow sled, an old rusty Chrysler that wouldn't have fared too well in the snow drifts this a.m., and I got an extra day off. Granted, not a "legal" day off, but I'm off anyway.
     I figured today would be a great day to let everyone know---who reads this blog, or even follows this blog from time to time---that I have been working diligently, albeit amateurishly, on videos to introduce the short story, 35, that is posted NOW on , the idea is inspired by Twilight Zone with Rod Serling's introductions to each episode, and to build a story that integrates itself on the outside of the chapter posted to blog, I hope that makes sense. So in all fairness, I'll post said video here, as well, so those who subscribe here can view the video, get intrigued, or disturbed by Meredith, and then proceed directly to the chapter posted at the Tim Eagle Fiction Blog. Thanks everyone again for the overwhelming 28 views the previous video had introducing the childish map found during Stevats' Memorial Library's 70's renovations. I'm sure those dead souls who left the bloody hand prints on the back of the map, mixed with some strands of hair, rested on top of a pile of bones and stuffed in a wall, really appreciate your voyeuristic views. It's always fun to live vicariously, so they say. Without further adieu I give the video introduction below, enjoy the fiction and the video. Give feedback, if necessary and read well.

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