Friday, January 23, 2015

Wake up...Sweets!

I just thought of how rampant my mind can sometimes be, how feeble I am sometimes when listening to an old nursery rhyme. They are quite fascinating, but I'm hearing music which inspires me. That fast paced, metal, drums, guitar, belting vocals, it digs deep into my core, inspires the mind into a frenzy of idea and then....STOPS.

The mood lightens a little, gets deeper, just a fragment darker, and the tempo slows, inspiration strikes, and movement of those nerves---up and down the spine--- are fluid with this new source. There are no metal screeching guitars, it's just rhythmic beauty with soft vocals that the ear canal has to give full attention to...SOOTHING.

Angry shards of glass pound into the flesh as all comes to a halt, and silence fills the air, inspiration it does not hold. This silence wakes the ghosts of everyday, stirs the echos that have never returned from the abyss, and the heart no longer BEATS.

Thanks, music and art of every kind for taking me where I need to go, when I need to get there. I appreciate it, you are a helpful crutch in a world which doesn't always support.

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