Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Like the Sound of That!

Just yesterday, Wednesday, I was listening to some ideas of a co-worker, who said that it might be an idea to start a video and randomly talk about video games that he was playing. It sounded like a familiar idea given to me by a close friend, which in my life are few and far between, and my juices started flowing.

Sometimes juices can flow, sometimes they just overflow and make a mess, but I thought about possibly, and this is a big possibly, that my fiction blog (the place I hope most if not all of you go to read or download some of my free fiction: could host some  video to represent the written word. Now, juices don't always come abundantly, this is known by most, but if the juice don't evaporate, the idea could become a reality. It could grow into that little thing we all call fruition...

The idea was/is me dressing up in my writer's sport jacket, brown plaid, leather patches on elbows, putting my pork-pie hat or Cajun encounter swamp hat on, place a pipe in my mouth and puff on it as I presume to tell the tale previously posted, in only a short time period due to the attention span of most having de-evolved and dwindled to about three minutes.

...Please, don't hold your breath with any idea I throw out into the universe, because there's often more energy into a thought than there is in action, especially with the many ideas, shorts, novels and other things running around in my head. Throw in kids, wife, work, and a writer's group that gets together once a month and you've got some rampant thoughts that are just let go of, that float off into the universe and never drift back.

Thanks for your attention, talk to you soon.

Tim Eagle

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