Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stand Up

     We've slipped away from every day, a smile, a wave, it has all been replaced. Family games have morphed into family plans as we’re sucked into the mindset that these are necessities of our existence. When in actuality they aren’t used as tools, they are replacement plans for that disconnection we as a society are struggling with. Tools help us build our future, build our homes, fix our cars, get things done. They don’t destroy who we once were, how we once spoke, or how we’ve clung to rich tradition that has fallen to the wayside. What can I do? What can we do? We can stop it, but it takes more than one, and has always needed more than ONE, it takes many. Let’s make a promise to our future, to our youth, to make it right in the world again. Teach our kids how to mail out a letter, or instead of waiting for a response to a text, to call and speak to that other person, it’s more personal. Teach new families that it’s only right to watch a movie together, play a video game or board game together as a family instead of chatting with one another from rooms apart. That it’s okay to save for a house instead of dumping money into a contract for a family plan every month. Replace the emoticon with a real hug or tussle of a child’s hair and nourish a families time together instead of killing it with a soft electric glow.

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