Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone!

     Maria and I just wanted to extend the warmest holiday wishes to all our Family, Friends and loved ones out there, that includes you, reader. It's been a heck of a year with a lot of adapting in the Eagle household. A lot of new challenges, work schedules, life events, and many more and we really haven't been able to extend as much as we would like to all of you. Our apologies for the lack of Christmas Cards, or any other little thing we typically do year to year. Our life sometimes felt disconnected this year, from all of you, and we felt like we were drifting through the season, in and out like the tide and still trying to hang on to the traditions that help to anchor us within our family. We are still alive and well and full of the same love and personality we've always had. So from the deepest trenches in our hearts we hope everyone has a great day full of Holiday Happiness and Christmas Cheer and that 2015 brings an even better sense of adventure, wealth, intelligence and love that everyone deserves to have. Thanks for always being in our lives: Family, Friends, Loved Ones and you, oh constant visitor/reader, all of you are greatly appreciated and our love goes out to you all.

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