Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Currently Working/Available by Tim Eagle

I'm not good at being consistent with my blogs so figured I'd start with a small list of the things I'm currently working on:
  • Benson Rhoades (Novel :  tentative title: American Rot)
  • Life Ship (part one available to read, approximately 45 pg. e-book, this is a multiple part series currently writing part two)
  • Brave New Feeling (a short story of a lonely young man with father issues)
  • Navina ( Novel that is half done, needs some major editing, a first person/third person horror story)
  • Skepter ( a blog novella, posted, if you're lucky, once a week on Tuesday's :@ http://www.timeaglefiction.blogspot.com you can also find downloads of my free fiction on this blog.
  • A multitude of several other projects (this is just a bin of stuff, a digital slush pile.)
  • There are many short stories available, I just need to take off the procrastinator's hate and dig into researching some publishing opportunities and send them out.
That about wraps up my life in writing, it's a tough balancing act with a full time job, kids, a wife, and other extra curricular activity that runs with the territory. If there are any questions please feel free to ask, I don't bite, at least most of the time. It was good writing to you all. Have a good night.

Tim Eagle

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