Friday, March 28, 2014


I've been writing a lot lately. I'm focused on a few projects that will get me through until at least age forty-one, I hope. Some of the projects, as always, are free, dangling like stalactites in this great wide vast Blue Nowhere, called the Internet, one being Life Ship, which is found at and the other stuff, well, everyone knows where to get the other stuff. Mushroom Soup is found wherever e-books are sold, but it's easier to go to to download the format of choice. Just thought I'd catch everyone up on the day to day. Several half dozen projects and not one completed, yet, but in the making. So stay tuned. I have been trying my hand at several genres including working on a book with my teenage daughter, which writer isn't right, so in the future, when the market calls, I will be waiting on the sidelines with my material waving it like the flag of surrender, submit and wish for the ride of a lifetime. In the meantime, enjoy what I have to offer now and let me know your opinion, I appreciate it, and you know what, your opinion counts.


Tim Eagle

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